The Secret to Writing an Ebook

In this succinct video, I will share with you what I’ve learnt over the years about writing eBooks. I use a very simple formula which can be used by anyone who is looking to write a great eBook!



How to Customize a WordPress Theme Using CSS and Google Inspect Element

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is what WordPress uses to define its visual appearance. Every WordPress theme will use a CSS file and the main style sheet is typically called style.css and is normally found by clicking on Appearance> Editor in the WordPress admin area. CSS is in fact very easy to learn and with sometime invested, you can understand the basics of CSS and how customise a blogs appearance.

Here’s examples of what you can customize by updating a themes CSS:

  • Text size, colour, alignment and font
  • Colours of links
  • Background colours
  • Sizing, aligning and border of images
  • Listing bullet points
  • Sizing, alignment and shading of tables


In this video I will show you a simple way to customize your blog by making changes using Google Inspect Element and the WordPress CSS Editors.




How to Save Time Adding Images to WordPress Posts Using Cut and Paste

This tutorial is for WordPress bloggers who like to add multiple images to their blog posts. Adding images to WordPress blog posts can take time. You have to first edit the image and then add it to the WordPress media library before you can insert the image into a post or page. Furthermore, by using the following approach, you can easily edit images as opposed to editing images in a graphics editor such as Photoshop.

In this post, I will explain how you can cut and paste an image into WordPress (WordPress does not permit you to insert images by pasting as standard) and introduce you to an awesome screen capture desktop application.

I’m going to show you how you can insert and edit an image from your desktop screen into a WordPress page or post within seconds and without the need of a graphics editor.

Heres how…

Firstly, you need to install and activate the OnePress Image Elevator WordPress plugin and download the desktop screen capture application Screen Shooter. The OnePress Elevator plugin allows you to paste images into a WordPress blog post or page. Screen Shooter is a clever application designed to take a screenshot of any part of a desktop screen.

To use Screen Shooter you can either click “Screenshot” or press “F9”, then select the area of the screen you want to capture and the area becomes an image stored in the clipboard.

If you click “Draw’ on the menu, you can add various shapes, text or highlight parts of the image in seconds. As you can see in the image above, I used the “Ellipse” feature to add a circle around “Screenshot”. Screen Shooter will also store the image on their server and a URL for this stored image is displayed. You can then share this URL so anyone can see your screenshot.

Now all you need to do is right click and copy and paste the image using the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+V” into your blog post or page.

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How to Format a Kindle Book Description

If you want to jazz up your book description and add some bullet points, orange text, bold text and large heading text, you will need to hand code your book description.

Warning: If you update your book description in Author Central you will not be able to make amendments using your KDP account.

 When creating an Amazon book description, I prefer to use an online HTML generator such as

Here’s the HTML that you will need to create a great looking book description on KDP.


<b>YOUR TEXT</b>

<strong>YOUR TEXT</strong>


<br>YOUR TEXT</br>


<p>YOUR TEXT</p>

PRE-FORMATTED TEXT (Looks like Courier):

<pre>YOUR TEXT</pre>


<s>YOUR TEXT</s>

<strike>YOUR TEXT</strike>


<em>YOUR TEXT</em>

<i>YOUR TEXT</i>


<font>YOUR TEXT</font>


<hr> (all by itself)


<u>YOUR TEXT</u>


<sub>YOUR TEXT</sub>













H1 HEADLINE (The largest font Amazon allows):


H2 HEADING (Amazon Orange):


H3, H4, H5 and H6 HEADINGS:





Pay with a Tweet Social Payment in a Social Networking World

In a world where social capital is king and everyone is scrambling for attention, Pay with a Tweet offers
entrepreneurs, creative minds and established businesses a way to reach out to a media-saturated audience.

The concept behind Pay with a Tweet is simple. A single button is installed on your website, and when a browser clicks on it, they are given the chance to create a Tweet or a Facebook post about your content. As soon as they have done so, they are granted access to a download that you provide.

At the most basic level, Pay with a Tweet offers your browsers and potential clients something concrete and valuable for something that they perceive as very simple. Essentially, all you are asking them to do is something that they would be doing anyway, just slightly modified for your needs. However, much like a single snowball can cause an avalanche, a single Tweet from one person can reach dozens of their friends who in turn continue the pattern.

Programs like Twitter and Facebook hold our social interactions together. They give us a face-to-face immediacy with friends, family and colleagues that we do not see every day, and the personal nature of these interactions lends them authority. As the content creator, you can reach a certain number of people with your own Tweets, but the number that your combined followers can reach by contacting their followers is exponentially greater!

One of the great benefits of Pay with a Tweet is that it relies on completely natural social patterns. You are not asking people to sell your product or to advertise it. Instead, you are only asking them to do something very simple, and you are rewarding them with something that they want.

What are some of the things that you can offer with Pay with a Tweet?

For example, if you are company that retails products, you may offer a coupon that grants the bearer 20% off their next purchase. The value is clear, and most people would be willing to make a Tweet for the concrete reward of a reduced price.

Pay with a Tweet also allows you to offer free samples of your own creative work. If you are advertising for a band, a Tweet could result in the download of a free song or a brief interview video with the band itself. Similarly, authors can use Pay with a Tweet to offer a free story or a sample chapter that is not available elsewhere. If you are an instructor of some kind, the download might consist of a free video lesson or a written tutorial.

How I Use Pay with a Tweet to Promote Clickbank Products

I write a short How to eBook in the same niche as the product and use this as a free giveaway. I create my product promotional affiliate link Tweet on Pay with a Tweet and copy the iFrame code for the button. I then set up a squeeze page on my blog and advertise the free eBook I created. I explain that the visitor can download this eBook if they click the Pay with a Tweet or Pay with a Facebook Post. They click the button, share my Tweet; boom, my Tweet goes viral. All I have to do is drive traffic to my squeeze page.

In a time when the Internet is swamped with things like pay-per-click ads and flashing banners, Pay with a Tweet tells your browsers that they are important to you and that you are not going to push anything on them. Research and plain common sense tells us that people hate to feel like they are being forced into anything; complicated click-through traffic and requests for additional contacts creates feelings of resentment and anger.

On the other hand, Pay with a Tweet offers a clear exchange. You are asking for a very simple, very basic and practically cost-free type of promotion from your browser, and in exchange, you are offering something of value to them. This is one of the most honest win-win exchanges out there when you are looking for advertising.

When you are thinking about how to get Pay with a Tweet working for you, just start by thinking of the reward. The reward can be anything that interests your clients, whether it is a small piece of writing, a single song, a coupon or an exclusive image. Once you have the reward in mind, you are ready to institute the Pay with a Tweet system. The program is easy and intuitive, allowing you to call the shots on your own media advertising campaign.

With more than 10,000 Pay with a Tweet buttons created and more than 400,000 files downloaded, the first social payment program has proven that it can get you the attention and the sales that you have been looking for!

Well I hope this helps and gives you an additional free marketing strategy to include in your arsenal. Please do comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on the following:

Let me know a marketing strategy that works for you?

How do you use Pay with a Tweet?




How to Create a 3D eBook Cover

In this post I would like to share with you how to create a 3D book cover for your
eBook. 3D book covers are perfect when you are giving an eBook away as a free gift, advertising your eBooks online and when self publishing your Kindle book on Amazon. I have personally found that converting my Kindle book cover to 3D helps to sell more books. The reason for this is that when your book is displayed with other related books, a 3D cover stands out and therefore grabs the attention of the prospective buyer.

To create a 3D book cover we shall be using Pixlr free online editor and a 3D blank template of a book cover.

Click here to download the 3D cover which I use. To download, Right Click on your mouse and Save As.


Step 1Click Open Image from Computer and import the blank 3D book cover.

Pixr 1



Step 2Click Open Image as Layer in the Layer drop down and import your normal 2D book cover.3d Ebook Cover



Step 3 – Click Free Distort in the Edit drop down.

Pixr 4



Step 4 – Shape your book cover by using the 4 corner adjustment points as highlighted in red.

Pixr 5


Step 5 – Click on ‘File’  in the top menu and confirm ‘Apply These Changes’. And finally click ‘Save’ under ‘File’ in the top menu and save your 3D book cover to your PC.


That’s it, 5 steps to create a 3D book cover in minutes for free!

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Why You Should Publish Your eBooks on Amazon Kindle

Writers today have many publishing opportunities open to them that were not available some years back. The Kindle has revolutionised the publishing world and allowed independent writers to have a ‘voice’.

Publishing a book is a highly competitive market and many new writers now look to avenues such as the Kindle to get noticed. Here are some benefits of publishing via this route:

Easily accessible

Information is immediately available for the reader, in a voracious market. An increasing number of people own a Kindle or have access to the Kindle app and are able to choose from the variety of books on sale at reasonable prices. In an instant, a potential reader can click to buy a book, costing perhaps 99p and your reach as an author increases each and every time they decide to do this to your work. This is an exciting opportunity that is easily available.

Quick and easy

A quick online search shows just how simple the process of uploading your first book onto The Kindle market is. Once you have got the words, format and a good cover design, uploading the ebook is a relatively painless process and the instructions are accessible and easy to understand. It comes without the agonizing wait, and often rejections and chasing up, which more traditional publishing avenues offer.

Niche author

The Kindle categories mean that you can write for a certain market and become something of an expert in a particular genre and specialise.


Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, you can become an expert in a certain field or simply have the reputation that comes with calling yourself a published author. This can help your creditability and future work.

Share royalties

Kindle advice is to keep your book (the first one, at least) as reasonably priced as possible to attract people. For each sale on Kindle, you receive a generous share of the royalties and this soon adds up. You will start to see a boost to your income a lot quicker than with traditional means of publishing.


Amazon helps with the marketing of your ebook and with social media, websites and blogs at your fingertips, it is easier than ever to spread the word about your work and attract new readers. A great automation tool to use for bookmarking is Social Adr. If you have read any of my books, you will notice that I love Social Adr. For the low monthly subscription, you certainly receive a worthwhile return on investment.


Above all else, after a long period of writing a book, there is no better feeling than seeing your work published and available to the general public. The Kindle allows this to happen in a much more straightforward way for new, independent writers than in the past.

How to Market Your eBook

Writing an ebook and publishing it on a platform such as The Kindle is only part of the job. To earn a reputation as a respectable author and to earn income from your books, you need to spread the work and ensure that as many people as possible know about it, buy it, read it and come back wanting more. The good news is, it is easier than ever to carry out cost-effective marketing, thanks to the Internet and rise of social media. Here are some tips on how to market your ebook.

Your website

If you have a website, create a page specifically to sell the ebook. If you don’t have a website, it would be wise to set one up. This will act as a sales page for your book.

Their website

Kindle and others help authors market their ebook and some online stores offer space where you can write copy to convince people to buy you ebook. Make use of this with compelling, accurate, unique and snappy wording, that intrigues the reader enough to buy the book, without spoiling the plot. This is also a chance for you to promote any other writing credentials you may have and highlight any positive reviews.


Many bloggers look for items to review on their blog. Reach out to book bloggers or simply to those who blog about the subject of your ebook (fashion, health, fitness etc). You will find that bloggers are encouraging of small, independent authors and if you can target blogs with large followers, their positive recommendation can result in great sales revenue for you.

Email Marketing

If you have a blog or website, aim to build a mailing list. This allows you to tap in to email marketing campaigns. You can send out a blanket emails or newsletters to your subscribers, informing them about your ebook or any deals/discounts/offers. You can also use a blog and email as a way to receive feedback and communicate with readers. Make sure that you interact with your mailing list recipients, for example, if they email you with a question, aim to respond or thank them for their comments.


If your ebook is about a particular specialist topic, it would be worth researching the various online communities and forums about the subject and promote your ebook through that. The best way to do this is not to spam them with links to your book or website, but to interact and answer posts, give your opinion and a subtle mention about your book. If you use them to merely promote yourself and give nothing back, you risk being banned from certain sites or annoy potential customers.

Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social networking sites and are powerful ways to market your ebook. They allow you to build a follower base, keep people informed of news and engage and interact with them. Other social media sites include Goodreads and Shelfari which are specific to readers.


Everybody loves an offer, discount or freebie. To help boost sales, consider these options with your ebook and use the various communication tools to make sure that everybody finds out!

Research is imperative when writing, publishing and marketing your ebook. Have a look at what has been done before, by similar authors and learn from their successes and mistakes. Above all, enjoy the process. Your ebook has more than probable become a huge part of your life …share it with as many people as possible!

Why Use YouTube to Make Money With Short Videos

Many YouTube users tend to think of it as a means of exposure and marketing, as opposed to money-making. But there are many new and exciting opportunities to make money on You Tube.

Go Viral

A number of short videos have gone viral and become global phenomena’s, meaning huge sums of money. Of course, it is difficult to predict whether your 20 second video of your toddlers dance moves will make it viral and bring in some cash off the back of it, but it is worth trying, especially if your video promotes your business, skill or hobby.


An increasing number of people are earning money through the advertising revenue generated by their videos as well. Video makers can earn money from advertising via the site’s partner revenue-sharing programme. This scheme is aimed at regular uploaders with big audiences. Basically, this means you share in the revenue generated when people watch. Views and clicks then bring in the money, through relevant advert placements.

These changes allowed for a generation of entrepreneurs on YouTube who have declared big earnings, although many are building this up very slowly. The process takes time and patience to build up an audience and viewers who respect and trust your content enough to visit, view and click-through to adverts.


YouTube can also simply be used to promote what you do. Add a link to your website and showcase your work, talent or product and you can potentially have thousands of viewers learning more about you and your business. Many talented people have been spotted via YouTube. Ensure that you take advantage of such exposure, by adding links to your YouTube channel on your website, blog and social media sites. Together, they make a powerful communication package.

Recording Your YouTube Videos

The best way to record YouTube videos is using a free online hosted application called Screencast-O-Matic. This is an exceptionally simple application to use, you can upload directly to your YouTube account and have the option to store your videos on their servers.

Here’s how…

Go to and register for a free account. To begin with I would just use the free version and then when you start to make money pay $15 for the annual pro version.  The free version will give you –

Max recording time of 15 minutes – this is more than enough recording time

  • Free hosting for 15 videos that you record
  • Record screen and webcam
  • Publish your videos to YouTube at a click of the button

The paid version will let you record HD videos and allow you to access a variety of editing tools. I have the pro version but rarely use the editing tools. Why, because the videos are 4-5 minutes in length and if I make a mistake I simply start again.

On their home page you will see the help section, just click on the button which is located at the top right. This will show you how to use the software to record videos.