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  2. Pay with a Tweet Social Payment in a Social Networking World — January 16, 2014
  3. How to Create a 3D eBook Cover — December 14, 2013
  4. Why You Should Publish Your eBooks on Amazon Kindle — July 25, 2013
  5. How to Market Your eBook — July 24, 2013

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How to Format a Kindle Book Description

If you want to jazz up your book description and add some bullet points, orange text, bold text and large heading text, you will need to hand code your book description. Warning: If you update your book description in Author Central you will not be able to make amendments using your KDP account.  When creating …

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Pay with a Tweet Social Payment in a Social Networking World

In a world where social capital is king and everyone is scrambling for attention, Pay with a Tweet offers entrepreneurs, creative minds and established businesses a way to reach out to a media-saturated audience. The concept behind Pay with a Tweet is simple. A single button is installed on your website, and when a browser …

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How to Create a 3D eBook Cover

How to make $2000 niche websites 3D cover

In this post I would like to share with you how to create a 3D book cover for your eBook. 3D book covers are perfect when you are giving an eBook away as a free gift, advertising your eBooks online and when self publishing your Kindle book on Amazon. I have personally found that converting my …

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Why You Should Publish Your eBooks on Amazon Kindle

Writers today have many publishing opportunities open to them that were not available some years back. The Kindle has revolutionised the publishing world and allowed independent writers to have a ‘voice’. Publishing a book is a highly competitive market and many new writers now look to avenues such as the Kindle to get noticed. Here …

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How to Market Your eBook

Writing an ebook and publishing it on a platform such as The Kindle is only part of the job. To earn a reputation as a respectable author and to earn income from your books, you need to spread the work and ensure that as many people as possible know about it, buy it, read it …

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Why Use YouTube to Make Money With Short Videos

Many YouTube users tend to think of it as a means of exposure and marketing, as opposed to money-making. But there are many new and exciting opportunities to make money on You Tube. Go Viral A number of short videos have gone viral and become global phenomena’s, meaning huge sums of money. Of course, it …

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Tips on Hiring an Outsourcer

Businesspeople can maximise their output by hiring cost-effective external service providers to help them turn over more work. These opportunities exist on online marketplaces such as Elance, where businesses and entrepreneurs can outsource a huge variety of contracts. There are a few tips to follow if you are hiring such help for the first time. …

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Email Marketing Tips

Despite the rise in social media sites, email is still the most popular.  As such, email marketing is a key tool, not to be missed. It can be a cost-effective way of reaching your audience, build and maintain customer relations, promote new business ventures and inform people. Here are some tips for successful email marketing: …

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How to Research a Topic or Niche

One of the key decisions to make when starting up a blog or website is the topic or niche and this decision should never be rushed. In the first instance, choose a topic you are passionate about, experienced in (to some extent) and want to learn and write about. There are a number of ways …

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How to Start Blogging

Many people choose a blog over a traditional website, for a variety of reasons and there are increasingly more registered blogs and bloggers every single year, either as a hobby or business-related. This article explains how to get started in what can first seem a complicated market. Reason First of all, ask yourself why you …

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