How to Market Your eBook

Writing an ebook and publishing it on a platform such as The Kindle is only part of the job. To earn a reputation as a respectable author and to earn income from your books, you need to spread the work and ensure that as many people as possible know about it, buy it, read it and come back wanting more. The good news is, it is easier than ever to carry out cost-effective marketing, thanks to the Internet and rise of social media. Here are some tips on how to market your ebook.

Your website

If you have a website, create a page specifically to sell the ebook. If you don’t have a website, it would be wise to set one up. This will act as a sales page for your book.

Their website

Kindle and others help authors market their ebook and some online stores offer space where you can write copy to convince people to buy you ebook. Make use of this with compelling, accurate, unique and snappy wording, that intrigues the reader enough to buy the book, without spoiling the plot. This is also a chance for you to promote any other writing credentials you may have and highlight any positive reviews.


Many bloggers look for items to review on their blog. Reach out to book bloggers or simply to those who blog about the subject of your ebook (fashion, health, fitness etc). You will find that bloggers are encouraging of small, independent authors and if you can target blogs with large followers, their positive recommendation can result in great sales revenue for you.

Email Marketing

If you have a blog or website, aim to build a mailing list. This allows you to tap in to email marketing campaigns. You can send out a blanket emails or newsletters to your subscribers, informing them about your ebook or any deals/discounts/offers. You can also use a blog and email as a way to receive feedback and communicate with readers. Make sure that you interact with your mailing list recipients, for example, if they email you with a question, aim to respond or thank them for their comments.


If your ebook is about a particular specialist topic, it would be worth researching the various online communities and forums about the subject and promote your ebook through that. The best way to do this is not to spam them with links to your book or website, but to interact and answer posts, give your opinion and a subtle mention about your book. If you use them to merely promote yourself and give nothing back, you risk being banned from certain sites or annoy potential customers.

Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social networking sites and are powerful ways to market your ebook. They allow you to build a follower base, keep people informed of news and engage and interact with them. Other social media sites include Goodreads and Shelfari which are specific to readers.


Everybody loves an offer, discount or freebie. To help boost sales, consider these options with your ebook and use the various communication tools to make sure that everybody finds out!

Research is imperative when writing, publishing and marketing your ebook. Have a look at what has been done before, by similar authors and learn from their successes and mistakes. Above all, enjoy the process. Your ebook has more than probable become a huge part of your life …share it with as many people as possible!