How to Start Blogging

Many people choose a blog over a traditional website, for a variety of reasons and there are increasingly more registered blogs and bloggers every single year, either as a hobby or business-related. This article explains how to get started in what can first seem a complicated market.


First of all, ask yourself why you want to start a blog. Do you have a business and would like to increase sales? Would you like to raise awareness of a cause close to your heart? Do you want to share stories about your favourite hobby with the world? Whatever the reason, be clear about your blogging objectives in the short-term and long-term and have a plan to stick to along the journey.


Write about a topic that interests you. Over time, you will need to be passionate about the subject of your blog as this will keep you returning to write, keep it updated and marketing it. If you want to gain credibility from your blog, pick a subject you are experienced in. Entertainment, health and fashion are among the most popular blog topics.


A big decision to make with a blog is whether you want to host it yourself, or use a free blogging service that is hosted for you. The free blogging services will save you money, but will leave you with a less-than-catchy domain name and little control. A cheap method of hosting the blog yourself is to install free WordPress blog software, which allows you a great deal more freedom and flexibility. You can then find a web host for your blog – I recommend Bluehost. If you choose a hosting provider, please ensure they offer unlimited websites to host and use the Cpanel.

Domain Name

The next task is to find a domain name that has not already been taken and is memorable and relevant. This is more difficult than it seems but many people find the process of choosing a name for your blog exciting.

Design and Content

Once you have your blog ready to go, you can get to work on make it the best it can be. This will involve some tender loving care, by designing, uploading pictures and interesting, relevant copy. At first, it is likely that you will be doing all of the work yourself, but you could look in to outsourcing the workload at a later date.

Monetizing your blog

If you have chosen to make money from your blog, you will need fresh new content, regularly. The key to a good blog is the content. Once you build up a readership, you will earn respect and see the money come in. Ways to earn money from your blog is to use Google’s Adsense or write product reviews with redirect affiliate links.


As with any product, marketing is important in raising awareness or increasing sales. Spread the word about your new blog in as many different places as possible, from word of mouth to social media.

Literally anybody can be a blogger, but having a good quality blog to be proud of, that lasts the length of time, takes effort and patience.