Pay with a Tweet Social Payment in a Social Networking World

In a world where social capital is king and everyone is scrambling for attention, Pay with a Tweet offers
entrepreneurs, creative minds and established businesses a way to reach out to a media-saturated audience.

The concept behind Pay with a Tweet is simple. A single button is installed on your website, and when a browser clicks on it, they are given the chance to create a Tweet or a Facebook post about your content. As soon as they have done so, they are granted access to a download that you provide.

At the most basic level, Pay with a Tweet offers your browsers and potential clients something concrete and valuable for something that they perceive as very simple. Essentially, all you are asking them to do is something that they would be doing anyway, just slightly modified for your needs. However, much like a single snowball can cause an avalanche, a single Tweet from one person can reach dozens of their friends who in turn continue the pattern.

Programs like Twitter and Facebook hold our social interactions together. They give us a face-to-face immediacy with friends, family and colleagues that we do not see every day, and the personal nature of these interactions lends them authority. As the content creator, you can reach a certain number of people with your own Tweets, but the number that your combined followers can reach by contacting their followers is exponentially greater!

One of the great benefits of Pay with a Tweet is that it relies on completely natural social patterns. You are not asking people to sell your product or to advertise it. Instead, you are only asking them to do something very simple, and you are rewarding them with something that they want.

What are some of the things that you can offer with Pay with a Tweet?

For example, if you are company that retails products, you may offer a coupon that grants the bearer 20% off their next purchase. The value is clear, and most people would be willing to make a Tweet for the concrete reward of a reduced price.

Pay with a Tweet also allows you to offer free samples of your own creative work. If you are advertising for a band, a Tweet could result in the download of a free song or a brief interview video with the band itself. Similarly, authors can use Pay with a Tweet to offer a free story or a sample chapter that is not available elsewhere. If you are an instructor of some kind, the download might consist of a free video lesson or a written tutorial.

How I Use Pay with a Tweet to Promote Clickbank Products

I write a short How to eBook in the same niche as the product and use this as a free giveaway. I create my product promotional affiliate link Tweet on Pay with a Tweet and copy the iFrame code for the button. I then set up a squeeze page on my blog and advertise the free eBook I created. I explain that the visitor can download this eBook if they click the Pay with a Tweet or Pay with a Facebook Post. They click the button, share my Tweet; boom, my Tweet goes viral. All I have to do is drive traffic to my squeeze page.

In a time when the Internet is swamped with things like pay-per-click ads and flashing banners, Pay with a Tweet tells your browsers that they are important to you and that you are not going to push anything on them. Research and plain common sense tells us that people hate to feel like they are being forced into anything; complicated click-through traffic and requests for additional contacts creates feelings of resentment and anger.

On the other hand, Pay with a Tweet offers a clear exchange. You are asking for a very simple, very basic and practically cost-free type of promotion from your browser, and in exchange, you are offering something of value to them. This is one of the most honest win-win exchanges out there when you are looking for advertising.

When you are thinking about how to get Pay with a Tweet working for you, just start by thinking of the reward. The reward can be anything that interests your clients, whether it is a small piece of writing, a single song, a coupon or an exclusive image. Once you have the reward in mind, you are ready to institute the Pay with a Tweet system. The program is easy and intuitive, allowing you to call the shots on your own media advertising campaign.

With more than 10,000 Pay with a Tweet buttons created and more than 400,000 files downloaded, the first social payment program has proven that it can get you the attention and the sales that you have been looking for!

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