Why You Should Publish Your eBooks on Amazon Kindle

Writers today have many publishing opportunities open to them that were not available some years back. The Kindle has revolutionised the publishing world and allowed independent writers to have a ‘voice’.

Publishing a book is a highly competitive market and many new writers now look to avenues such as the Kindle to get noticed. Here are some benefits of publishing via this route:

Easily accessible

Information is immediately available for the reader, in a voracious market. An increasing number of people own a Kindle or have access to the Kindle app and are able to choose from the variety of books on sale at reasonable prices. In an instant, a potential reader can click to buy a book, costing perhaps 99p and your reach as an author increases each and every time they decide to do this to your work. This is an exciting opportunity that is easily available.

Quick and easy

A quick online search shows just how simple the process of uploading your first book onto The Kindle market is. Once you have got the words, format and a good cover design, uploading the ebook is a relatively painless process and the instructions are accessible and easy to understand. It comes without the agonizing wait, and often rejections and chasing up, which more traditional publishing avenues offer.

Niche author

The Kindle categories mean that you can write for a certain market and become something of an expert in a particular genre and specialise.


Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, you can become an expert in a certain field or simply have the reputation that comes with calling yourself a published author. This can help your creditability and future work.

Share royalties

Kindle advice is to keep your book (the first one, at least) as reasonably priced as possible to attract people. For each sale on Kindle, you receive a generous share of the royalties and this soon adds up. You will start to see a boost to your income a lot quicker than with traditional means of publishing.


Amazon helps with the marketing of your ebook and with social media, websites and blogs at your fingertips, it is easier than ever to spread the word about your work and attract new readers. A great automation tool to use for bookmarking is Social Adr. If you have read any of my books, you will notice that I love Social Adr. For the low monthly subscription, you certainly receive a worthwhile return on investment.


Above all else, after a long period of writing a book, there is no better feeling than seeing your work published and available to the general public. The Kindle allows this to happen in a much more straightforward way for new, independent writers than in the past.

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